Transmission 001 - And So It Begins

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Welcome to the Galactic Holofeed, coming to you straight from a galaxy far, far away. There are a few ways to access the episodes of our podcast.

One way to find all our shows is to go to:

You can also find the listing the podcast on the Zune Marketplace and iTunes, but for now you can direct download the episodes from the toolbar on the right side of the website or manually subscribe to our podcast RSS feed at

This transmission is a sort of two-parter. The first ten minutes or so are a chance for the hosts of the show, Suzina, Kalvod Ku'arad, and Moormur, so introduce ourselves. We talk a bit about our backgrounds, both in the MMO community and (of course) in the Star Wars universe. You can see some of our hosts’ other works around the internet. Take a look at Suzina’s contributions to one of the top MMO blogs out there, Kill Ten Rats, found at At the blog, Suzina along with a handful of other contributers share their thoughts, insights, and experiences in just about every MMO out there. Also make sure you check out LOTROCast: The Lord of the Rings Online Podcast, hosted by Moormur. You can find it at

Now on to the show!

In this tramsission, the discussion starts out on the topic of the voice acting in Star Wars: The Old Republic. Our hosts talk about the pros on cons of this feature, the interesting doors it will open in the game…and the restrictions it may place on future development. The discussion then turns to talk about pricing and what we hope to get out the game. Will the game provide long-term value? Will it be a one-shot deal? Will it be worth the cost and the hype? Suzina, Kalvod Ku'arad, and Moormur discuss all this and more in this transmission of the Galactic Holofeed.

If you have any questions, comments, or ideas for future discussion don’t hesitate to contact us at Stay tuned for Episode Two next week, where we speculate about the classes in The Old Republic and discuss options for PvP.

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The direct link to this show is here:

You can also subscribe to it on the zune marketplace, or iTunes.

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