Transmission 009

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Transmission 009 is here!
You can find it on the Zune Marketplace, iTunes, or you can direct download it from the toolbar to the right.This week we mostly talk about the imperial agent class!
Dragon Age Origins

03:00 - The world of Dragon Age Origins
07:45 - The voice acting in Bioware games ROCKS!
19:00 - Is SWTOR class quests basically like giant Dragon Age "Origin" campaigns.
23:00 - Light/Dark meter or character like/dislike meter ftw?
33:15 - What is your favorite thing in Bioware Games?
43:30 - What do you most dislike about Bioware Games?
51:15 - Can Bioware do multi-player as well as single-player?
59:30 - Respec traits in SWTOR mid-combat on the fly?
72:30 - Is this the last "comic only" Friday?
74:30 - Kalvod loves Crafting in mmos, Suzina Hates it!!!
88:00 - 4 minutes of Star Wars impersonations and laughing
92:00 - Star Wars Triva Contest: Kalvod vs Suzina
105:30 - I mention "Darths and Droids" online comic
Duration: 115 minutes

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