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Alderaan and Four Force Users

Minutes / Topic
4 - Alderaan has a civil war?
8 - Screenshots analyzed:
-----09 Caverns look like moria?
-----15 Architechture of buildings
-----18 Ulgo family from KOTOR?
-----21 PVP planet?
-----36 Kiliks from "Dark Nest" books on Alderaan?
45 - What do you think of Four Force Users?!?
52 - Level cap, 20 or 50?
55 - Which class of the 8 will be most popular?
63 - Is the Jedi Consular an awesome looking class?
65 - Asian/black "descent" for characters or just skin colors?
71 - Jedi Consular abilities discussed
74 - Sith Inquisitor abilities discussed
88 - Sith Inquisitor robes and animations?
128 - Sith Inquisitor looks
101 - German article translated by Petrosis
-----103 Only two specs per class... and they are permanent
-----116 Only one companion per player confirmed
-----127 You can't loot during combat!
-----134 They say "many more planets to come"
-----141 The quest shown for the Sith Inquisitor
150 Our expectations of maximum group size
158 Smugglers can heal apparently
160 Non-combat Skills like "persuade" and "intimidate" and "repair"
Duration - 168 minutes

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