Transmission 015 Show Notes

Posted by Suzina On 1/2/10 6 comments

Transmission 015 is is here!
You can find it on the Zune Marketplace, iTunes, or you can direct download it from the toolbar to the right.

PVP and the Imperial Agent
We discuss the Imperial Agent blog and then PVP:
Minutes / Content
2 what Kalvod has been up to.
8 Our forums
9 Clone Wars season 2 discussed.
13 Alexander Freed - writer for Imperial Agent.
17 Imperial agent blog discussed
24 Imperial agents as double agents
26 Empire a caste system, meritocracy or capitalist regime?
35 Triple agents
43 Open world pvp, battlefields, or arenas?
55 Rewards for PVPing
65 A star destroyer arena
70 Looting your enemie's stuff
73 Suzina doesn't like Darkfall's pvp system
81 Perma-death PVP
86 Cosmetic PVP rewards
88 Best equipment from raiding or PVP?
97 Death penalty from PVP
109 - Crowd Control in PVP
114 - Mounted Combat
Duration 120 minutes

Total duration = 120 minutes.


Fabian said...

The MI6 is indeed the british intelligence agency. Its official name is Secret Intelligence Service, or SIS.

Kalvod Ku'arad said...

Thanks for update! I knew i wasn't crazy!

Fabian said...

My 2 cents on PvP:

As I've said before, LOTRO is the only mmorpg I have played thus far, so LOTRO PvP is my only reference.
I don't really enjoy PvP in LOTRO, and I've been to the Ettenmoors PvP (or PvMP as it's called there) zone maybe half a dozen times. There's definitely some thrill to facing off with other player characters, but as a very casual PvP player, it is too frustrating. These are the issues I have with PvP that keep me from enjoying it:
1) Location: If I enter the PvP zone it is because I want to fight other players. Having to run around the map in the hopes of finding a target can be a bummer. Or you find more than you were looking for, which leads me to
2) Balance: PvP is no fun if either side is outnumbered. This also affects
3) Combat length: It has been extremely frustrating to me to throw myself into battle (and being the noob that I am) getting killed after 5 to 10 seconds, then having to run back to the action.

This is why I think I would enjoy some form of instanced battlegrounds much more than a sort of open PvP zone like LOTRO has. I'm thinking of something like a PvP version of the skirmish system in LOTRO (and I'm pretty sure they'll introduce PvP skirmishes at some point in LOTRO). Open world PvP is out of the question for me, personally. I don't want to have to worry about some players jumping me while I'm doing some questing.
I understand the concern about having to wait because groups don't have the same size and you're waiting for people to fill up one side, but I think there's different mechanics that could keep waiting times reasonable, and to me the pros outweigh the cons.

About Star Wars PvP: Disregarding the other points, I'm concerned about the length of PvP fights. They've stated repeatedly that PvE combat is supposed to feel heroic, taking on multiple mobs at a time. This can be achieved in two ways, either mobs have much less hitpoints compared to the player characters, or player characters do a lot more dps than mobs. In the first case, all is cool, as it means squaring off against other players is gonna take significantly longer as players have equal hitpoints. In the second case, player characters can bring down other players with the same (or close to the same) speed that they bring down npcs, so in other words: fast. I'm not sure how much can be gleaned from the video, so for me the jury is still out on this one.

I am hoping TOR has a good PvP system, because it can be very exciting. But I know I'm only ever gonna be a casual PvP player, and if the PvP system can't accomodate casual players, then maybe I'm just not cut out for PvP.

Kalvod Ku'arad said...

yea it will be interesting to see what TOR does for a pvp system. I am highly inclined to believe it will incorporate elements from Warhammer Online & possibly Dark Ages of Camelot due to it being all owned by the parent company - Electronic Arts.

Fabian said...

By the way, making breaking out of a mez/root a minigame is a brilliant idea! I would totally love to see that for PvP.

Suzina said...

Interesting. So far, I think that enemies will have less hitpoints. They'll be "green rings" in lotro terms. I don't really have any evidence of this except that it seems possible to one-shot or two-shot certain NPCs (like the IMP agent does in one of the combat vids) but from what we saw of player vs player, the consular didn't go down that fast in pvp.

So I think length in PVP should be long, which is good.

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