Transmission 022 is here!
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The Sith, the Jedi, and the Force.
2 - What we've been doing
10 - The Fansite kit
-----Topic of the Week---
34 - Jedi Vs Sith
39 - The Jedi deny themselves emotion
43 - Different eras of the Jedi
47 - Jedi are like Catholics
51 - Han Shot First!!!
57 - The Sith change depending on the era
61 - Jedi are opposite of Sith
65 - How were the Jedi killed so easily in Episode 3?
75 - The Force
77 - Midichlorians
90 - Jedi Psychic powers
94 - The force should not be too powerful
Duration - 111 minutes


Fabian said...

Faulty link

Fabian said...

Ah well, I guess not really, but I was used to being able to just right click > save as... :)

Kalvod Ku'arad said...

You get it working?

Fabian said...

Yeah. It was just different from the other posts, but following the link and downloading the episode from there worked fine.

Suzina said...

Ah yeah, that's my doing. Back a few episodes I linked the wrong mini-cast. I got to thinking how I can keep that mistake from happening again. I decided linking to the feed itself each week will keep me from linking the wrong file, and what's better, it shows up on the feed a good 30 minutes before it shows up on this site.

Sorry for the confusion though.

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