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Posted by Kalvod | Java Jawa On 5/16/10 8 comments

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This week we have a jam packed, holonet bustling transmission in store for you! There's a few major reveals that were introduced to The Old Republic community so sit back, strap in, and punch it!

Topics discussed
--- Execute Birthday 66
--- New Blog Update “Daniel Erickson”
--- Creating a World
--- Voss
--- First Official Species
--- UK Press NDA lifted
--- Impressions
--- Advanced Class System
--- E3 Predictions
--- Character Slots & Microtransactions

Duration - 3 hours (185 minutes)


Ajay said...

Long podcast, but great as always!

Regarding the Dev blog, I also noticed the 4 classifications of planets revealed in TOR. I found it interesting that KOTOR I/II planets was one category, yet haven't seen a pure KOTOR II only planet or location yet. Overall, I thought the blog provided some great insights into how much effort Bioware puts into these planets. I hope to be one of those people that catches onto the smaller details that Bioware expects most of us not to notice. By the way, the Voss gave me the impression of being like the priors of the Ori in Stargate SG-1. Glad to see those new screenshots.

As for the UK Press Event, you all pretty much covered it. I actually wrote up a summary here

Advanced classes look rather promising as a further means to customize characters. Hoping to hear about other class paths and more detail about the skills. The mention of the KOTOR comic's designations for Jedi sub-classes was a good catch as possible class paths.

I'm hoping to see more of the Republic side in E3. The previous public demonstrations have been for the Sith Warrior and Bounty Hunter primarily. I'm predicting a Republic-centric cinematic if there will be another one and more details on the Jedi Knight and/or Jedi Consular.

Regarding character slots, I hope there will be enough, so I can at least play each class. I really want to know the stories behind each one!

micky71 said...

Been an avid follower for a fair time now, and i have to say this was my most fav pod to date.

You even stayed on topic :P A strange and rare thing indeed. Oh and the regular OMG it's XX amount of shows from Kalvod did not raise its head in this 1 :(
I always look forward to that bit too :)

Tkx for the show you make, you make the wait for TOR a great deal easier.

Kalvod Ku'arad said...

Thanks everyone, glad you enjoyed the show! I agree, there needs to be some Republic oriented cinematic to balance things or at least show things from their point of view.

The story does look very compelling and i myself am looking forward to experiencing at one point most of the class arcs, it may take a few years, but hey I'm not going anywhere!

Hahaha, yea I'll have to work that back in! believe it or not we recording at 6 am est! Wheww was it early and i needed more coffee!

Kalvod Ku'arad said...

Oh, good point by the way on the Ori, your right. They do have a similarity to them. However i think in the end the Ori were wrong, while the Voss vision's always do come true. But the physical characteristics are all there.

From the Tatoo's to the pasty, white skin.

Fabian said...

As for E3, something Daniel Erickson said in his recent interview with Edge( leads to believe we'll definitely see more game play. Quote: "I am so excited for people to see the E3 build that it hurts me."

We'll probably see a noticeably better looking build (more detailed shadows, environmental effects).

My hopes for E3:

-Space (yeah, right)

-new cinematic (from the Jedi perspective)

-Companions; how do they work, more specific companions revealed, etc.

I think Companions is a very viable option for an E3 reveal. They've been rather vague on the whole companion thing, so it'd be nice to see that system in action.

It's always great to see more game play in general. I was also thinking they could show some things like the character screen, but that's probably something they'll finalize towards the end of development, so I'm not really expecting to see any stuff that's very UI specific.

Ajay said...

Companions would be a good reveal for E3. Really hoping for something space-oriented, but I'd expect that would come later.

Oh yea, congrats on finishing your first semester as a grad student Suzina! I've finished 2 semesters, got another year left on my masters.

By the way, I recently published a new article on Jedi Archives Online. The article is a speculative analysis on Dromund Kaas, primarily inspired by me playing through Mysteries of the Sith for a second time.
You all can check it out here.

Kalvod Ku'arad said...

Yea i didn't think about companions, but that's a strong contender as we don't have much information about them. I'm sure they will be very vital and critical on the philosophy Bioware is taking, "Choice Matters" & "Story"

Suzina said...


Hey, I'm so excited to see the E3 build it hurts me too! So I guess me and Daniel Erickson agree on that one.

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