Angry Joe Interview

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As part of Angry Joe's never ending quest against the evil corporate commander, he interviewed James Ohlen. To watch the interview, go here.

There is a lot of repeat-information there, but here are the most interesting tid-bits from that interview:

1. Every character class story will meet up with Darth Malgus at some point.

2. When in dialog, the roll-system decides who talks. But the roll is NOT totally random. It is effected by your stats and equipment. Yes, your new armor might help you talk more than your group-mates in the story parts!

3. Also, when choosing to "kill the captain" vs "spare the captain" it's majority rule. If three people say spare him, one person can not select "kill him" and get their way.

4. A battle on Hoth is hinted at.

5. Armor pieces can be mixed-and-matched, but there are always set-bonuses for wearing complete sets. So, matching your helmet boots and chest piece gives you better stats.

6. Crafting is compared to WOW again, but with a twist.

7. When it comes to harvesting, James says, "Han solo wouldn't go out and be a moisture farmer or go mining for minerals or do some weaving or something like that". So harvesting will be something other than those kinds of things.

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