E3 Updates

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Update June 14th:

IGN mentions a pretty robust pvp system mentioned at E3 detailing customization, fluff type rewards and as a means to introduce players into more social activities. At the same time the system will include fully functional gear.

Update June 15th:

  • Another short article on SWTOR PVP has been posted at 1up.
  • Also, check out the G4 half hour coverage today (Tuesday) at 2:00pm pacific, 5pm EST.
  • Tomorrow (Wednesday) the devs said on Twitter there will be another big announcement.
  • Maximum group size is 4
  • Starships confirmed!
  • War Zones

I thought for sure that this would confirm space, but really only Starships were confirmed, and based on their size and they way they described it, it could just be your house where you keep all your companions.

UPDATE - June 16th:

  • There will be multiple ships for different classes. "Trooper ships, Smuggler ships, Jedi ships ect..." as seen on the Dev tracker. Possibility of 12 ships total according to tor-aid.com
  • Live IGN feed starting at 6:40 EST, Live footage of SW:TOR.
UPDATE - June 17th:

  • Clarification of Three Days Worth of Coverage
  • Advanced Classes Begin @ 10
  • Bioware to attend many more conventions this summer. Next Stop SDCC.
  • Video Tutorials Hinted at being available prior to release of game.
  • Double Bladed Lightsabers Gone from Sith Warrior Holonet
  • Much, much more . . . stay tuned for Transmission 39!

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