Transmission 38

Posted by Suzina On 6/16/10 8 comments

Transmission 038 is in the feed!

You can find it on the Zune Marketplace, iTunes, or you can direct download it from the toolbar to the right.

E3 is here and it's a massive show this week!

Topics discussed
--- G4 preview and 4-person groups confirmed
--- Timeline #8 - The Jedi Civil War
--- New Cinematic Trailer - Hope
--- Chiss and Twi'lek confirmed (at least for Imp Agent and Smuggler)
--- Gamespot Article reveals starting missions for six classes
---------- Bounty Hunter starting levels
---------- Imperial Agent starting levels
---------- Sith Warrior starting levels
---------- Sith Inquisitor starting levels
---------- Trooper starting levels
---------- Smuggler starting levels
--- Starships confirmed as hosues
--- PVP War Zones
--- Darth Hater's confirmed factoids
--- Starship interiors video
--- Bounty Hunter progression video
--- Speculation Station: Wednesday's reveal might be crafting?

Duration - Almost 4 hours


micky71 said...

Just finished listening to the cast, and its nice to have loads of info for a change :)

Deco options on ships:- Suzina your right TOR has to have full movement options + clipping when you deco your ship. In SWG I made a piano used loads of different items small crafting station as key's renamed as keys, it make every day items outstanding with a little fore thought. It had 80 parts and took 5 hours to make, but hey it looked great. That was used in the bar part of my bunker.

Info on crafting- TOR not going to be like SWG /Cry and more like WOW /Help . with twists not sure what those are but lets hope its not just like WOW, which is 1 of the worst crafting systems around.

A thought on trailer and how Darth Malgus got his mask. With this being a PG trailer and aimed for all ages, I guess this is the reason his face was not ripped apart. Same goes for the saber blows, no blood, gore or decapitations.

Fabian said...

About the trailer, I saw someone suggest that the Jedi might be a character from the Deceived novel: "Aryn Leneer, female human Jedi Knight and Force Empath." (as per the revealed dramatis personae)

That'd make a lot more sense than Satele Shan (as Suzina pointed out, it's unlikely that the Jedi is Satele given the chronology and her apparent age.)

On an unrelated ranty note: Having read recent interviews with Bioware people at E3 and seeing their 30 minute special demo thing, I am getting so sick of hearing their platitudes such as "combat is gonna be so different and awesome" when what they show us looks pretty standard -- at times even underwhelming -- and them saying "we're not talking about that right now". Especially that last one is driving me crazy.

Fabian said...

Great interview on Darth Hater with Daniel Erickson. Apparently space ship customization is now "un-confirmed" -- Erickson says news outlets conflated Bioware's feature on player customization (via the BH armour demo) with their feature on personal ships.

Kalvod Ku'arad said...

Interesting. Well, appears they keep going back on things. They are still being as cryptic as ever, but we did learn some new things at the very least.

Fabian said...

And another superb interview up at Darth Hater, this time with James Ohlen. Quite a bit of info on advanced classes (and light saber restrictions). Gonna be picking advanced classes at level 10. Sounded like 40 is going to be the max level, although that's not been explicitly said.

Suzina said...

Tons of info out there. I could have sworn I heard a developer specifically confirm ship customization in a way that could not have been referring to anything else. I don't know though. It could be something on the table they are thinking about, and not sure about yet.

@Fabian bout G4 combat showcase being underwhelming

A Sean Dahlberg interview on TOR-AID (Torocast's new partner) actually addressed this thing. He was saying that the Jedi Consular was most focused on trying to keep all 3 of the other characters on screen at the same time to make it look cooler.

Ironically, this may have caused the consular to play poorly, and boringly. I have experienced wipes where I was in first-person mode with fraps on trying to make a cool video and barely doing any healing... so I understand.

But the key thing is to make sure your own character is not in the video because you're just standing around! All of us who have played MMOs were not looking at some jedi killing trash mobs in the background, we were looking at the mouse cursor and hotkeys of the Consular in the foreground, and it was a lot slower than what the people who have been playing the game this week reported.

Kalvod Ku'arad said...

Just reviewed a lot of the info today, some great updates. It's looking to be another long show. There were quite a bit of corrections today and clarifications on what was said during the past few days.

Fabian said...

Re: combat @ Suzina
Yeah, I've seen the interview with Dahlberg. It wasn't only the Consular, though, but the impression I got from all the gameplay footage. My point is that combat looks just like most other MMOs, despite Bioware's claims of being more engaging, more action-oriented, etc.
Of course it's really hard to judge the quality of combat just by watching somebody else play. Also, those were lower level characters, so they wouldn't look as impressive as higher level ones. Still I feel that Bioware either needs to turn down the hyperboles a little, or really make an effort to show off combat better.

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