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Posted by Kalvod | Java Jawa On 8/17/10 5 comments

What we would like to know from our community is your thoughts on the duration of our transmissions. I know they can be quite long and have been so for the past many, many transmissions. Our average recording time has been around approx. 2 hours per show. So what we would like to know if how you feel about that.

Would you like a shorter show? Do you think the duration is fine? Would you prefer if the show were split into 2 1 hour portions instead?

Let us know your thoughts.


James said...

I think the ~2 hr stretch for the show is great. I'm fine either way, but would prefer the current duration. Can't wait to hear what you two have to say about the space trailer that was released as well as the other info that's sure to be posted this week!


Fabian said...

Hm, I feel a bit torn about this. On the one hand, your ramblings and digressions are a large part of the appeal of the show. On the other hand, long podcasts are sometimes just inconvenient to listen to, so I would have to listen to them in several sessions.

Also I'm gonna repeat what I've said before, I really miss having three people on the show. Obviously I love listening to you guys, but two+ hours of two people can get a little monotonous sometimes, so I think a third person / weekly special guest would help keeping things fresh, at least for the longer shows. Of course it's not easy to just find somebody who you'd like on the show and whose schedule works with yours.

Splitting the show into two smaller parts would only make sense if you record them on different days, so you could also talk about news that are outside the usual friday update schedule. Otherwise I can just split the show myself, which I'm already doing, basically. Again, of course, I understand that that might not be feasible because of your schedules.

Kalvod Ku'arad said...

Would putting in chapters within the file make this easier or more accessible? Thanks for the feedback so far!

Mark said...

longer! moar!

Fabian said...

For me, personally, having chapters would not really make a difference. I just listen as long as I have time and then just find the spot where stopped when I resume listening.

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