Transmission 46

Posted by Kalvod | Java Jawa On 8/9/10 5 comments

Transmission 046 is in the feed!
You can find it on iTunes, or you can direct download it from the toolbar to the right. This week we talk about Space, species, and Mandalorians!

Mandos, Races, and Space, oh my!

Topics discussed

---- NEWS
--- Celebrations V news
--- Advanced Classes:
----- Jedi Guardian / Jedi Sentinel
----- Trooper Commando / Elite Trooper
----- Consular Support / Crowd Control
--- Space Details:
----- Tunnel shooter vs Rail shooter (Think the trench run)
----- PVP, Co-op, and escorts planned for the future
----- Collision detection confirmed
--- Species Reveals:
----- Sith Warrior = Sith Pure Blood
----- Jedi Knight = Miralukan
----- Jedi Consular = Mirialan
----- Sith Inquisitor = Zabrak
--- Mandalorian Wars Lore
----- Mandalorian timeline
----- Lots of Mando history
--- James Ohlen quote about Miralukans does not = faction swap
--- Trooper race: Clones? Battle Droids?
Duration - About 2 hours


Sorry if the audio quality is a tad lower than normal. Should be back up par next week.


MrWarlock said...

BW is quoted in PC Games as saying they are going with what they have done in other games.
Sadly for the mmo fans this is the single player games that they have produced in the past.

BW cant seem to shake the single player mmo, and with this single player aspect along with the single player class story, cant or wont try to brake free from there roots.

Let them now bring in a trash crafting system and life will be oh so peachy. :'(

Fabian said...

Suzina is right, Kalvod is wrong. The two Fatal Alliance characters you were referring to are indeed Kiffar.

Kalvod Ku'arad said...

Good catch, I'm not above being infallible :) I think i was then specifically thinking of luminaya from tbe cline wars, I think her padawan Bariss Ophie is also one.

Fabian said...

Re: James Ohlen, I also think they were some sort of miscommunication/misquote. I'm leaning towards the theory that Ohlen meant to say that we may see a Miraluka on the Empire side (meaning an NPC).
I don't think you'll be able to unlock races, to me that doesn't make sense for an MMO, where the time investment in creating and leveling a character is significant, and you should be able to get immediately into the fantasy that you like. Unlocking races is a no-no to me.
Also, in the case of the Miraluka specifically, it doesn't make sense that there's a notable amount of dark side/Sith Miralukas, as they are a thoughtful, deliberate, not generally emotionally guided race. I know there's precedent for Sith Miralukas, but I feel they should remain the exception.

Suzina said...

I'm fairly certain the Miralukan quote is a misquote/miscommunication as well, as it just doesn't make sense.

However, I wouldn't be surprised some day to find out they are considering selling certain race/class combos as microtransactions. Like in Star Trek Online, it costs cash to have a Klingon serve on your bridge.

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