Transmission 50

Posted by Suzina On 9/5/10 2 comments

You can find it on iTunes, or you can direct download it from the toolbar to the right. This week we talk about the advanced classes.

It's our 50th episode! In September of 2009, we started the Galactic Holofeed. Now it's September of 2010, and we're still talking about a game we can't play. This week we talk about Revan's complex

Topics Discussed:

--Lucas Arts - Cuts Staff
--Lightsaber creation seen in Pax 2010 video
--Dromund Kaas & Coruscant are the planets where you meet the rest of your faction
--New Flashpoint shown at Pax 2010
--Revan's Mask and HK47 seen in TOR
--Space's new place on the Holonet
--Check Screenshots Ord Mantel and Character Selection
--Character customization looking better this year
-- Jedi Knight compared to KOTOR1 and Consular compared to KOTOR2
---Episode 50, a look back
-- Kalvod promises free comics to whoever can tell us how many minutes of content we've made
-- Revan's Complex
-- HK47 as a raid boss?
-- That shadow everyone thinks is Revan's shadow
-- SWTOR iPhone and Droid applications?
-- Our "Community Portal" at the top of the page

Don't forget to listen to the very end for a little something special!!!

Duration - about 2 and a half hours


Fabian said...

Congratulations on reaching the big 5-0. Thanks for all the totally going off-topic and rampant conjectures, and all the best for the future. Keep on transmitting! :)

Ajay said...

Great 50th episode! That Revan sneak-peak was very exciting. I believe I managed to post it first on the insane PAX thread. Even saw troublemaker Suzina's posts! I guess I was too late on the mini-contest heh, but congrats to the dedicated listeners that managed to do what was requested.

Looking forward to the next 50 and hopefully when TOR is out.

I also read up on Sean leaving, seems rather cryptic, but still sad to see. I wish him luck on whatever is next for him.

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