Imperial Agent friday

Posted by Dendory On 10/29/10 1 comments

It's Friday again, time for another update on the official site. Today we get a series of items related to the Imperial Agent. First, the class video shows a Chiss Agent in action. While it doesn't bring much as far as new details on the actual gameplay, it does give various hints through the action footage. The Advanced Specializations page also reveals the Operative and Sniper sub-classes.

Then, in the biographies, we have a new entry for Kaliyo Djannis, a possible companion for the Agent. The Rattataki woman seems to have a mysterious past, and uses both her skills and charm to get the job done.

The X70-B Phantom has also been added to the Holonet as the ship the Imperial Agent will use to travel through space. This newly designed ship is said to be the most low-profile ship in the galaxy. Watch the video for a good look inside.

Finally, we have a page in the Holonet's species section about the Chiss and their background. Overall a rather decent Friday update.

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Michael said...

I love the Imperial Agent. I love the story and the way its played. Can't wait to try it out. Imperial Agent rocks!! =D

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