Star Wars Insider #121 coverage of TOR

Posted by Dendory On 10/25/10 3 comments

Later today the latest issue of Star Wars Insider will come out, and in it there's some coverage of The Old Republic. On the six pages of coverage they ask a series of questions and go behind the scenes as to what the game is all about, and how the basic mechanics work. Unfortunately it doesn't provide any new information for people who have been following the game closely, there's no new reveal. But it does give a good overview of the game for those who may be new to it, or haven't been following all the news releases.

You can subscribe to the paper edition, the digital edition, or look at the preview from the link on the Star Wars site, which will actually allow you to read the coverage starting on page 32. Check it out!


Kalvod Ku'arad said...

Nice Find!

Suzina said...

I'm interested by this talk of your appearance shifting based on alignment. We've heard a developer talk about it before, but it sounded like he didn't think they could do it, due to technical limitations.

MrWarlock said...

Its the same old thing again, bar the conformation on the alignment thingy.
Not sure why I keep my hopes up for something nice when it comes to Friday updates anymore. Something about the game other than story and lore would be nice, like the mmo side of things for instance.

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