Always in Motion is The Old Republic

Posted by Kalvod | Java Jawa On 11/30/10 5 comments

This evening some interesting information sprouted up, as we are all have heard from the beloved Yoda, "Always in Motion is the Future" This certainly seems to be the case with Star Wars: The Old Republic launch date. Although we can say we aren't quite surprised, but it is still unfortunate to hear.

The new launch date is expected to be in the 2012 fiscal year. We certainly hope it will be sooner, but these delays happen quite often in mmorpgs. The typical run cycle for most major titles to meet launch requirements at the very least involved various testing phases including public ones. As of now we haven't seen a public test yet and the year is quickly approaching an end.

We understand this news maybe disappointing, but lets try to put a positive spin on it and be glad that with the extra development time we will see a more polished product that we can all enjoy. After all we don't want any retcons!

Source: Gamasutra


Michael said...

There was an official announcement earlier from EA that the release is in 2011. There was another announcement that it wouldn't be released any earlier than April 2011. There has been no official announcement that the game has been pushed back past Spring 2011. Thats all speculation on the part of the forum. And this is all because some devs stopped saying Spring 2011 and only said 2011.

Ajay said...

Earliest we'll see it is April 1st from what I gathered.

Kalvod Ku'arad said...

We will see what happens. I hope EA / Bioware will clarify this as right now the only source for this information is through Gamasutra. I have a feeling this maybe addressed this Friday, we will see.

Anonymous said...


This is not news. The EA call last January already revealed that SWTOR would be released in fiscal 2012 AKA Spring 2011...this was confirmed by the devs. This period begins April 1, 2011. Why is everyone acting like this is news and there is a delay? Fiscal 2012 begins Spring CY 2011. Perhaps folks did not understand this until now.


Suzina said...

I think the only thing that people are worried about is that they haven't said the word "spring" lately. As long as I get to hear them say, "Spring" soon again, I'll feel relieved.

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