Friday update: Crew skills

Posted by Dendory On 11/12/10 3 comments

Today on the ToR site we had a very interesting update on gameplay mechanics, mainly how the companions at your side will handle crafting and missions on their own. The update describes three skill trees: Gathering, Crafting and Missions. Here's the video they showed:

Check out the official page in the Holonet for more details.


Suzina said...

Thanks for posting Dendory. Another interesting tid-bit via dev post:
"...players can have up to three crew skills but only one of those can be a crafting skill. The fictional reason is that you only can have room for one crafting table on your ship, but the real reason is that we don't want all players to be self-sufficient."

"You can have three gathering skills, or three mission skills, or one of each. Or two gathering and a craft. The only limit (right now) is you can only have one crafting skill, and you can only have three as a whole."

"My own personal goal is that some crafters can get so good that players all over the server seek them out. My problem being a crafter in most other MMOs is that you tend to become a guild's pet at some point, and you're expected to do all of the work for free. We want those devoted crafters to be exceptional enough that they can actually demand a price, and that people will actually break out of the guild in order to pursue those goods and services. The system isn't there yet, but we have plans..."

Suzina said...

Also, another big quote from Damion S...
"You can unlearn skills. If you relearn it later, you must progress it up again. (You will not lose your schematics for crafting skills, but they are inaccesssible until you reach the proper skill level)."

Not only does this indicate you can switch crafting professions later on, but it hints at a crafting system dependent on rare or special schematics to make dedicated crafters stand out. Also indicates a traditional "level up" system for crafting that involves making the same stuff a bunch of times.

Mark said...

such an awesome update.

did you notice that the bounty hunter wasn't wearing a helmet, even in combat? there is a thread on the official forums about 'statless helmets' with some interesting speculation about hats. i think there is some credence to this.

in short, helmets would not have stats, they would be strictly decoration, and that would solve the no helmet-toggle debate, and how scoundrels (never shown with a helmet) would make up the missing stats, and ensure that no consular would have to wear the goofy hat.
something to think about.

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