KOTOR Revisited - Taris Impressions Pt I

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As we continue our journey throughout Knights of the Old Republic, the following takes place on the planet of Taris.

I have some strange dreams that night, I find myself thinking of a strange woman who wields a lightsaber. I”m not quite sure who she is, but I see her fighting a Sith. She ends up defeating him and she looks at me, I feel almost as if she can sense me.

Soon thereafter I wake up, Carth tells me I've been sleeping for a while now and that the entire night I've been restless. I tell him about the dream and ask him where we are and what happened. Apparently I've been slipping in and out of consciousness for a few days and I suffered some head trauma. Ironically I don't remember any of it.
He explains to me he found us an abandoned apartment on the planet of Taris. I thank him for saving my life and he says don't mention it. I find out that is a very loyal person and he doesn't abandon people. That is good to know.

Meanwhile the Sith have a fleet patrolling the planet and they've declared martial law and have enforced a planetary quarantine. It's looking pretty bad between the martial law and the blockade. Hmm . . . what to do . . . what to do?

I ask a few more questions and learn the important of Bastila, she was with a strike team that had killed Darth Revan, who was Malak's master. I ask him why she is is important and he informs me she is one of the very few Jedi that possess a gift called “Battle Meditation”, this power apparently lets her influence entire fleets and armies. Needless to say, I'm quite impressed!

We finish up our conversation and lay out some ground work plans, there have been some reports that a crashed escape pod was found in the Undercity, wherever that is that sounds as good as a place as any to start if a bit ominous sounding.

As I step out of our shelter, I immediately see a Duros being interrogating by some humans, mere moments later things quickly grow out of control and they shoot him, next they turn an eye on Carth and myself. A quick firefight exchanges between us but the dispute is settled at the end of a smoking blaster. With that behind us, the remaining Duros is extremely thankful and tells us he'll take care of the bodies. Suites me just fine...

I travel down the corridors in the living residence and find some Twi'lek selling some energy shields. He tells me they are extremely beneficial, I'm sure he's trying to make off with some of my hard earned credits. However I decide to pursue this conversation and learn that he also deals in other goods which he has been selling to the illegal aliens. Apparently they are some restrictions in Upper Taris and mostly humans reside in the upper city.

I manage to find my way out of the building and step into the open streets of Taris, the city looks busting full of activity. After wandering the streets for a while, Carth begins looking a bit odd, almost as if he has something on his mind. So I decide to talk with him and somehow the Mandalorian Wars are brought up and how he participated in them. I try to get him to tell me more about them, but upon digging deeper he decides he does not want to talk about them and his part in them. I think he feels as if somehow he failed someone.

Meanwhile after a good days worth of scoping out the place, I manage to sell off a few things I acquired along the way, with my pockets lined with credits. I make my way towards the Cantina. There's bound to be something interesting going on there!

Upon stepping in I am greeted by numerous regulars all wanting to play a hand at Pazaak. I tell them perhaps later. After looking around I introduce myself to a lovely young sith officer by the name of Sarna. She is surprised at how friendly I was upon learning who she truly was. I learn that there quite a bit of hostility on Taris towards the Sith.

So after we chitchat a bit more, she invites me to some party going on later in one of the living residences. Her attitude about it seems quite positive, I tell her, hey why not blowing off some steam sounds like a good idea.

Before heading to the party, I stumble upon the Arena room and boy am I in luck, there's a battle going on between two combatants! I watch the battle unfold and sadly, it's over almost before it starts, but new combatants are always welcome...maybe...just maybe I'll check this out.


Michael said...

Ah Taris. I find it odd that Taris is the largest planet and has the most to do in the entire game. Then again, if you work it right, you can stay at level 2 until you head to Dantooine and then you can get force powers starting at level 3! Very tricky to do, but very rewarding. Can't say I hate Taris, but to me, there's a lot of running around which can get tedious since you don't have Force Speed until you get Bastila. Personally, I like going Light Side at first so I can romance Bastila and then switch to Dark Side so I can take over the galaxy with her >=D

Kalvod Ku'arad said...

Hahaha, good suggestion Mike! That does sound tricky, i don't think i've ever managed to get to Dantooine before level 5 or so!

Michael said...

The trick is to either cheat or be very attentive when it comes to the fights between the Sith Governor, the defense droid in the Sith complex and the fight against Calo Nord and Davik. Remember to give Carth Bendak's Blaster and have plenty of medpacks. Then you're set. It still requires a bit of luck and a lot of patience though. All worth it though in order to get the most out of a character.

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