Sean Williams Interview

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We had the opportunity to sit down with author, Sean Williams. During this interview we discuss in great detail, The Force Unleashed II. Among the topics discussed is the introduction of iconic characters into Star Wars fiction, how to treat them and the reactions the community gives to reading about these.

In addition we go in depth about creating memorable moments within Star Wars relating it towards The Force Unleashed II. We take a step back and chat about the continuity and evolution of Starkiller & Juno Eclipse. As we continue our conversation we look into what happens to a story when major villains are brought into it and the consequences following. Why sometimes it's easier to omit something than change the entire course of a story. How these figures formulate the design or even alter the story itself.

Lastly we talk character development and unknown future possibilities for our heroes and villains. As a warning this interview contains major spoilers for the book: The Force Unleashed II. You have been warned!

The inteview can be heard here - Minicast 009.

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