Transmission 59

Posted by Suzina On 11/7/10 2 comments

You can find it on iTunes, or you can direct download it from the toolbar to the right. Also, you can click "Direct Feed" at the top of this page to access every episode of our show. This week, we have huge updates on crafting and PVP to talk about.

Topics Discussed:

-- Red Harvest Preview
-- Kotor Revisited Part 1
-- Goodbye "Wizard", hello Sage / Adept / Seer
-- Possible delay to later half of 2011?
-- Bioware reacts to the "EA Louse"
--- Warzones
-- Graphics of current build
-- Fast-pace action
-- New abilities and race/class combos seen
-- Que from anywhere
-- A "King of the Hill" style matchup.
-- Experience points and tokens for PVP armor
--- Crafting
-- Companion-based crafting system.
-- Parallels to Eve?
-- "Gathering" skills: Bio-analysis and Slicing
-- "Crafting" skills: Biochem and Artifice
-- "Mission" skills: Diplomacy and Treasure Hunting
-- What other crafting professions will we see?
-- What other PVP Warzones will we see?
-- Holo-feed's Top 5 Bowdaar facts that relate to Attack of the Clones
Duration - 2 hours


How to Carve Roast Unicorn said...

Perfect! Was just about to head out for 2 hrs – no Darth Hater or TOROcast show but good old Holofeed in for the win, nice one! ;-) And hey, wanted to say how much I enjoyed the show with the Jedi News lads in as guests – just great to hear people being excited for the game with relaxed, interesting talking. Oh, the last show had some funny comedy value with you guys talking/imagining Kalvod drunk, in a bathrobe trying to trick or treat with a Yoda voice and flashing his “lightsaber” haha! Hmmm, size matters not… ;-)

Kalvod Ku'arad said...

Hahaha, glad your enjoying the shows! Lot's of great stuff coming your way in the future! Yes.....hrrmmmm....treat or trick hrrmmm?

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