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This week we are treated with an early holiday gift and our presented with a short excerpt of the Deceived book by Paul S. Kemp. The following takes place in chapter 2 and consists of approximately 20 pages. Deceived follows the story of Darth Malgus.
MALGUS LET HIS ANGER BUILD with each step he took toward the
Temple’s entrance. The Force responded to his emotional state, caught
him up in its power until he was awash in it. He sensed the seed of fear
growing in the soldiers’ guts.
“I said stop,” the lead soldier said again.
“Do nothing,” Malgus said to Eleena over his shoulder. “These are
She let her hands fall slack to her sides and fell in behind him.
The three guards spread out into an arc as they approached him,
their movements cautious, blaster rifles ready. The entrance to the
Temple, a fifteen- meter- tall opening in the edifice’s fa├žade, loomed behind
 The book will be available on March 22, 2011. Till then, you'll just have to enjoy the sneak peaks, also make sure to let us now what you think!
Update: The first chapter is now available from www.swtor.com, you can read it by clicking here. In addition a Rebelscum has given us an early Holiday gift by offering Chapter 3, which is now available to read!

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