Transmision 64

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You can find it on iTunes, or you can direct download it from the toolbar to the right. Also, you can click "Direct Feed" at the top of this page to access every episode of our show. This week, we talk about the first Grand Moff to be appointed in the Sith Empire

Topics Discussed:

-- Event: "May the Force be with Katie Day"
-- Knight Errant Issue #3 is out
-- 2011 release for Tor reaffirmed again
-- Digital download and subscription model confirmed
-- Rise of the Sith Empire Time-line
-- Overall opinion of the time-line discussed
-- Odiel Vaiken - first of the Grand Moffs
-- Characters Grand Moff Viken reminds us of
-- We discuss the target age of TOR as well as the most likely rating from the ESRB. Is Star Wars the Old Republic a kids game or an adult adventure?
Duration - 1 hours

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