Transmission 65

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You can find it on iTunes, or you can direct download it from the toolbar to the right. Also, you can click "Direct Feed" at the top of this page to access every episode of our show. This week, we talk about information gleamed from a group of journalists who played both Jedi classes for a half-dozen hours.

Topics Discussed:

-- Red Harvest Chapter 7 released
-- Chapters 1, 2, 3, of Deceived is out!
-- Fan Friday
-- Designing Coruscant
-- Questions and Answers
---- Leveling via PVP
---- PvP and PvE servers confirmed
---- TOR is focusing on... everything.
---- Endgame
-- New details on Derelict Ship warzone
-- Green arrow in flashpoints
-- Crafting benches outside your ship?
-- UI and vendor information
-- Codex, your in-game datapad
-- Statsitical info learned
-- Jedi Knight information
-- Jedi Consular information

Duration - 2 hours

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