Transmission 006 Show Notes

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Transmission 006 is here!
You can find it on the Zune Marketplace, iTunes, or you can direct download it from the toolbar to the right.

Jedi Knight Analyzed
We delve into all the nitty-gritty of the Jedi Knight. Are their moves just a copy of the Sith Warrior? Will we see a Jedi Master class? Should Sith be able to have non-red lightsabers? We also close out our episode with Kalvod telling us the history of HK-47

Minutes Content
10:30 Star Wars Movies, what's our favorite ones?
20:00 The class title "Jedi Knight" discussed
23:40 Mace Windu is the inspiration for this class why?
30:30 Start to talk about Tython as a starting planet for Jedi
34:45 Jedi Knight Combat abilities
60:00 Jedi Knight Armor / weapons design
66:00 Cosmetic armor and lightsaber colors
75:00 The world of Typhon screenshots (and more lightsabers)
91:00 Extra dialog options for Jedi Knights.
105:00 We mention a fan recreation of A New Hope
107:00 Galactic Databank - A look at HK 47's history
Total duration = 119 minutes.

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