Transmission 007 Show Notes

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Transmission 007 is here!Add Image
You can find it on the Zune Marketplace, iTunes, or you can direct download it from the toolbar to the right.This week we mostly talk about the imperial agent class!
Imperial Agent Revealed


03:00 Old Republic Novel tie-in to be released July 10th. (link)
12:00 Class "mirroring"
15:00 Moormur talks about playing Kotor, Suzina got a job, and Kalvod plays Dagon Age Origins
22:00 Imperial Agent discussion starts...
24:00 Imperial Agent Inspired by Moff Tarkin and Zam Wesell?
36:00 Imperial Agent screenshots discussed... (link to screenshots)
46:00 Starting planet for the Agent: Balmorra or Nal Hutta?
48:30 Will we play Imperial Agent?
53:45 Stealth Generators to turn invisible?
58:30 Drew Karpyshyn - Head Writer of Jedi Knight class
67:00 Galactic Databank - 7 lightsaber forms
Total duration 80 minutes


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Kalvod certainly does play Dragon Age!

He showed me! I seen it!

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