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The Era of TOR and D.L.C.

Minutes / Content
2: - Lucas arts letter
4: - What suzina's been up to
8: - What Kalvod's been up to
9: - Mass effect 2
13: dlc in bioware single player games
27: adventure packs in EQ2 as DLC
38: lifetime subscriptions
42: Kalvod may or may not be playing an emulated SWG server
48: Having a "reincarnation" mechanic to add replay value
50: More talk about adventure packs and expansion packs and micro-transactions
----Topic of the week Begins
60: How does Suzina like the "Era" of the old republic?
66: How does Kalvod feel about the "era" of ye old republic?
68: Permanent changes like an alignment change for a planet
72: Shades of Gray in story
74: I have the high ground! Apparently that's important.
92: Suzina would like to see some origins explained during this era
96: Mandalorian Talk
Duration: 105 minutes

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