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Putting the "Star" in Star Wars

Minutes / Content
3: Other games we're currently playing
8: Timeline videos, I like them or hate them?
11: My husband's impressions of the timeline video
13: Parallels to sidious
14: Starships looks like original trilogy
20: Did we grow up with prequel trilogy or original trilogy?
24: Timeline reminds me of the way Thrawn fights
30: Tor is "ripping off" the rest of star wars
35: Races in the timeline
40: My cat knocks over a bunch of stuff.
43: Ship yards in timeline
46: All the action is in the Outer Rim
-------Space Section Begins
53: Styles of Space Combat: STO, SWG, or EVE
60: Out of those three, which style do we prefer?
72: Guild Capital ships
--- Lots of discussion about guild capital ships and Realm vs Realm
110: Ship Customization
119: Punishments for losing the space war
132: Collision detection
143: Diversity of ship types
153: Space End-game
159: Player houses in space and casinos in space
163: Summary of "Fatal Alliance" the TOR based novel
Duration - 169 minutes

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