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You can find it on the Zune Marketplace, iTunes, or you can direct download it from the toolbar to the right. This week, Suzina goes on two big rants about World of Warcraft and black lightsabers. But we also talk about the new Jedi Consular blog - Balancing the Force.

minutes - content
2 - Suzina begins rant about World of Warcraft
4 - WOW is the opposite of STO
6 - Pop culture in MMOs ruin immersion
14 - Suzina started playing WOW because of a wipe
17 - What if Lotro did a free-to-play model?
20 - What has kalvod been doing?
25 - Joanna Berry, who is this writer?
28 - Empire Strikes Back and the Consular
33 - you might train an apprentice
36 - Jedi Sentinal
39 - Consulars must "balance" Light and Dark
42 - Consular decision - claim or destroy ultimate power?
44 - Lost civilization = the rakatta?
48 - Lost civilization = true sith?
50 - battle meditation
60 - What if your padawan companion could die?
74 - What if the longer you spend with your companion, the bigger the bond?
86 - Suzina's two things that are best about an mmo
102 - Consular's Light and Dark sides
104 - Consular visions of the future
112 - Does a Dark Side Consular work for the Sith?
125 - Beginning of the black lightsaber rant
146 - Buying / Selling SWG credits
150 - Jawas are the saviors of Star Wars
154 - The force is Overpowered
163 - SOE to make MMO called "Clone Wars"
165 - Kalvod is reminded by Free Realms cooking that he played Xxxxxxx Xxxx on the Wii and is so emberrassed he doesn't want to admit the game name!

Duration 168 minutes


Fabian said...

Kalvod, seriously! :D
It's called lightsaber, not darksaber. Black lightsaber = wrong wrong wrong. Black is not a color, it is the absense of light.

Kalvod Ku'arad said...

Did i say dark saber? Oops :) RETCON! hehe

Suzina said...

Hehehe, I think Fabian means to say that a lightsaber wouldn't be a "light" saber if it was black. So that's +1 for me!

Btw, Sorry I was so ranty this episode!

Kalvod Ku'arad said...

Oh okay, gotcha.

Fabian said...

Yeah, that's what I was saying. Not that real life physics have that much relevance to science fiction, but a black lightsaber makes no sense if you believe that a the blade is a form of high energy light beam focused by a crystal. Black is not a color, physically speaking, it's not part of any spectrum and doesn't have a wavelength. We perceive the absence of light as black.
And what is commonly called black light (or UV light) is, of course, "electromagnetic radiation that is almost exclusively in the soft near ultraviolet range, and emits very little visible light." (wikipedia) Wouldn't really work well for a lightsaber either, I think -- though if you wear fluorescent robes, that could make for cool visuals in a dark setting ;)

Kalvod Ku'arad said...

Updated forums with question of the week.

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