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Blood of Revan

mintues - content
11 - Hylo Visz in Smuggler's Vanguard (short story)
---- Spoiler warning from 17 minutes to 53 minutes
55 - XP distribution in TOR rewards grouping and questing
-----Ideal system of XP distribution discussed
-----Scaling content to group size discussed
80 - New Biographies feature
-----Grand Moff Kilran
-----Nemro the Hutt
-----Satele Shan (desendant of Bastilla)
-----Hidden aurebesh text for all 3, including phrase "Blood of Revan"
110- Countdown seen on and "testing portal" found this week


Ajay said...

Good podcast! I thought Hylo's short story carried the Star Wars feel really well. Hylo's background story is a bit common as mentioned, but it didn't ruin the story for me. The bit where Hylo knocks out the Jedi was the most puzzling part of the story. I figured either the Jedi was a padawan (seemed like he was in a hurry/late, not very Masterly or Knightly to me), or Hylo was quite skilled at stealth to manage to pull what she did. I know Rob Chestney loves putting little hints of actual game content in whatever he writes, so this may just be an example of a non-Force user overpowering a Force user. I posted on the official forums and on Darth Hater some of the possible hints contained within the story if you all are interested in that. Biographies were an addition to the Holonet that I was not expecting but will really help develop the story. Satele's Aurebesh and bio were the most interesting to me. "Blood of Revan" basically reiterates what was mentioned in the comics about Satele being a descendant of Revan. Regarding Satele's mom, I just noticed that her mom was exiled by the Jedi, so her mother must also be a Jedi... Satele carrying the Shan family name suggests that the Revan part of her family could be from the Father's side.

Less than 24 hours until the Bioware countdown ends. Really not looking to be TOR-related, which is sad, but still want to find out what it is.

Kalvod Ku'arad said...
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Kalvod Ku'arad said...

Glad you enjoyed the show! A few hours left to go until we see what Bioware has in store for us. I agree it did seem a bit out of place concerning the Jedi, but i think that is more of a technicality Rob Chestney was trying to avoid. However it could very well be a skill we will see. As mentioned a few months ago Smuggler's will also have a stealth mechanic very much akin to the Imperial Agent's.

This could be a description of that. Regarding Satele's past i'm very much looking forward to delving deeper into it! It's extremely fascinating as it is a direct reference back towards Knights of the Old Republic!

Suzina said...

Yeah it was a good story on Hylo. I'm feeling pretty sure right now that the announcement will not be Tor related either. Probably left off of the TOR site because they didn't want to have too many disappointed TOR fans, where bioware/dragonage fans don't *expect* any big announcements. Considering they said it will be "community based" in one interview, I'm really wondering what it might be. But I guess I"ll know in a few hours.

Kalvod Ku'arad said...

The announcement is the Bioware Bazaar, celebrating 14 years of the company's founding.

Suzina said...

Ah.... I see. It's a big complicated contest in which you can win some laptops, computers, t-shirts, and other swag.

It seems the competitions will be designed to get you subscribed to the bioware twitter account, talking about bioware on facebook, and other stuff they'd love you to do. Smart idea, but a little disappointing with the countdown timer and all.

Ajay said...

Not exceptionally exciting and generating a lot of frustration from those who are excluded (Florida, New York, and anything outside the US). I am luckily not in one of those categories. Aiming for a video card, since I sort of need it to play DA or ME. My last one died on me after 3.5 years of going strong.

Suzina said...

I'm not sure if I want to put in the effort to what is essentially a raffle. I might better put my extra-energies towards looking for another job.

Fabian said...

I really didn't like the Smuggler's Vanguard story -- it felt very generic for the most part, and even worse, it was clumsily written. Her background read like something your average role-player would scribble down on their char sheet.

Love the new biographies section.

Fabian said...

And about the Jedi in the story, maybe it was someone pretending to be a Jedi and trying to steal the ship himself. He was rushing into the cockpit and seemed very preoccupied.
Either way, though, this didn't break the story for me, since I didn't like the other parts either.

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