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You can find it on the Zune Marketplace, iTunes, or you can direct download it from the toolbar to the right. This week, we talk about Game Developer Conference, the Trooper class gameplay and the latest Fan Friday. Note that I'm going to try spending less time on the show notes. So enjoy the much simpler show notes:

Games Developer Conference of 2010

minutes - content
2 - Fan Friday
---- Sith Inquisitor moves
---- Face customization
---- Polls
23 - Games Developer Conference
---- TOR needs 1 million subs to break even
---- Class quests vs World Quests
---- End Game mentioned again
---- Suzina bets 500 credits space will be in at launch
54 - Articles by jounalists who got to play the Trooper class
---- Trooper - Like a rouge, hunter, commando, or something else?
---- Trooper specializaitons = DPS and CC
---- AI in TOR is smart
---- Facebook
---- Group size = 4?
---- Variable group size mentioned
---- Trooper story has shades of grey
---- Insta-quest (as seen in Warhammer Online) for extra objectives
---- Kill Ten Womp Rats
---- Open World PVP confirmed? Realm vs Realm possible?
---- Voice acting
---- Suzina and Kalvod argue about space-alians having accents in the prequel trilogy... again.

Duration - 129 minutes


Ajay said...

First podcast on this site for me! BTW, can't forget C-3PO with his British accent! I never really considered the prequel aliens as having accents geared towards certain ethnic groups. I did watch the prequels while I was in middle school, so perhaps I just immersed myself into the universe compared to if I was older and analyzing the movies. In fact, Episode III, which happened to come out the week before my high school graduation, was a little of a disappointment due to expectations and thinking some of the dialogue was rather bad (though not as bad as Episode II's love story). Anyways, glad to hear some of the more interesting tid-bits on the GDC coverage. I know a lot of people hate comparisons to SWG, but it is the only Star Wars MMORPG out there... and some SWG folks from Lucasarts are involved with TOR. You'd expect some influences from SWG.

Kalvod Ku'arad said...

Welcome! Most of the consensus comes from the age discrepancy of hte audience which viewed the original trilogy as most of the aliens had subtitles or actual alien sounds as to where now the aliens all speak / common basic.

However it all ends up boiling down to if the viewer enjoyed the over all story or not.

I'm sure the mistakes and benefits of SWG are being considered into the production of SW:TOR.

Suzina said...

Welcome. :)

You know, it's funny. I really like a lot of things in the prequel trilogy, yet I usually find myself complaining about the prequels.

I love Darth Maul, music and visuals of episode 1, but hate the story/acting of episode 1.

With Episode 2, the music and visuals are also great, and has some scenes I really love (like the asteroid belt fight), but again I find myself only complaining about stuff like the award love story.

Episode 3 I actually love the most. The first 20 minutes of episode 3 are SO cool. I love it. And I really like a lot about this movie, but I find myself complaining about anakins' turn to the dark side, or how obi-wan won the crazy long duel just by "having the high ground". Apparently darth maul didn't have enough high-ground when he had Obi-wan hanging in a pit in episode 1?

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