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You can find it on the Zune Marketplace, iTunes, or you can direct download it from the toolbar to the right. In this episode, we talk about the three new biographies: Mandalore, Darth Malgus, and General Garza, and the "Inhabitants" section.

Inhabitants Include Light Side Sith and Dark Side Republic Generals

Topics discussed
--- What we've been doing the last week
--- Deceived Novel, Release Date, Cover Art
--- Darth Malgus
--- Mandalore
--- General Garza
--- Inhabitants Section: Droids, Gormaks and Gundarks, oh my!
--- Lore and wild speculation

Duration - over 2 hours (about 140 minutes)


Ajay said...

Malgus looks to be a rather interesting Sith NPC. I expect him to be a quest giver for side-quests off in the more remote parts of the galaxy. As mentioned in the podcast, the Twilek seen in the cinematic trailer is most likely his lover. After rewatching the trailer, the top Jedi does Force Push the Twilek into one of the pillars, rendering her unconscious for a bit. I think Darth Malgus noticed this, got a little angry, and then started directly dueling the top Jedi. This top Jedi, which I believe to be Malgus' top kill mentioned in the biography, is still not given an identity though. The Sacking of Coruscant takes place about 30-40 years before the game, so I'm rather curious how Malgus and his lover will appear in the game. The Dark Side could keep Malgus alive and somewhat in the same condition, but I expect his lover will have aged considerably.

Great to see Mandalore. His bio screams Geonosis as a planet. I don't believe this Mandalore is a puppet, which is good to see.

General Garza gives me the impression of Vader + Thrawn. A genius at tactics and such, but a very strict leader who gets the job done without regard to the means. Garza appears to be a nice contrast compared to Grand Master Satele. I think this is the General that Grand Moff Kilran is "chasing" from his Aurebesh comments.

I was expecting a tab like inhabitants to show up. The two droids were cool, with the x2-c3 being a possible companion. Gormaks look rather cool and sort of reiterate what we know about them from Voss. I noticed that the Clone Wars had both Bossk, a Trandoshan, and gundarks in one of the more recent episodes. I think there is some coordination going on with other Star Wars media. Trandoshans could possibly be companions. I'm fairly certain the Salky Hound made an appearance in the making of Coruscant video. Really hard to tell, but there was a NPC with a creature next to him. Salky Hounds could possibly be a pet for professions (speculating that there will be professions in addition to the combat classes) that are more like creature handlers. Otherwise, the hounds will just be pets some NPCs will have as guard dogs.

I'm very pleased with the last two rounds of updates. If Bioware keeps up this pace, I think it will pass the time until E3 rather well.

As a side note, I'm going to work on getting an article out at the end of this week. Check it out on Jedi Archive Online ( when it is ready. Got projects last week and finals this coming week!. One more semester of college almost done :)

Kalvod Ku'arad said...

Yes you can definitely see the inspiration being drawn from the media out now.

Hmm . . . yea with the time discrepancy will be interesting to see Darth Malgus, i'd imagine he will still be there just for the reason they are putting this much effort into fleshing him out. Not to mention there's an ENTIRE book dedicated to him coming :) See our previous website entry.

As for the updates, agreed. Fantastic pace and it's exciting. This just needs to keep up till next year and everything will fly by!

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