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This week was the smallest and lightest update we've seen on a Friday since 2009. With only a seven page comic to talk about, we take some time to explore a variety of Star Wars subjects.

Topics discussed
--- What we've been doing the last week (A lot of talk of Starcraft 2)
--- Star Wars Celebration V updates.
--- Blood of the Empire, pages 7 to 14.
--- Themes which reoccur in Star Wars such as redemption and samurai-like honor systems

Duration - 2 hours (about 115 minutes)


Ajay said...

Kalvod sure did talk a lot in this podcast! Usually Suzina is the talkative one! Great comments about the samurai references in Star Wars. In regards to Blood of the Empire, it is a more polished comic than Threat of Peace. To me, Threat of Peace looked at both sides. Blood of the Empire has so far stuck with the Empire as expected. I'm hoping there will be a Republic-centric comic in the future.

As for the updates, I also feel this past week was not that great. Bioware could have spread out the bundles of updates the previous 2 weeks instead of giving small updates afterwards.

Kalvod Ku'arad said...

I'll work on talking a bit more :) Yea i wish they would have spaced it out a bit. I hear this upcoming week is gonna be a little on the low side as well as Bioware is preparing for E3.

Glad you enjoyed the show. There's many prevalent themes to be found in Star Wars! I love the fact that you can see so many aspects of the Code of Bushido in the mannerism and philosophy the Jedi share which akin is very much seen in Akira Kurosawa's 7 Samurai & other films.

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