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You can find it on the Zune Marketplace, iTunes, or you can direct download it from the toolbar to the right. In this episode, we talk about the planet Hoth, Empire Strikes Back, the identity of the Emperor, and wild speculation. So curl up with a cup of Hoth-Chocolate and listen to transmission 35.


Topics discussed
--- 30 year anniversary of the Empire Strikes Back
--- Threat of Peace #3
--- Is the Emperor's identity revealed in this comic?
--- Fan Friday featuring dynamic focus during dialog scenes
--- The new planet Hoth!!!
--- More Hoth!
--- Wild and rampant speculation about things such as planets and species we expect to see
--- TOR's seamless instancing system as described by a dutch article.

Duration - over 2 hours (about 127 minutes)

There are audio issues with this transmission. We apologize for any inconvenience one of the hosts machine died so it's undergoing repairs by droids. They are working as hard as possible to fix it. Hopefully this will be resolved before our next show this coming weekend.


Ajay said...

Hoth is looking rather promising. At first, I was one of those people that constantly stated on the planet speculation thread that there is nothing interesting on Hoth at this time at least. Looks like Bioware has changed that. Of course, having a battle over Hoth seems a bit odd. I'm expecting perhaps it was a secret rendezvous point for one of the fleets and the other side ambushed them. Hoth also appeals to the casual Star Wars fans (those that have only seen the movies and cartoons). As for what the Chiss are doing on Hoth, I expect they are observing the Republic and Empire.

Playable species speculation can get rather fun. I've also been thinking that Bioware will have mostly humanoid species. Rattataki are rather easy to implement since they are essentially humans with pale skin, bald heads, and perhaps some facial markings. I think this species was revealed first since it was easy to develop and polish to its final state. Also, I expect the more unique species will be revealed later during a Friday update or in E3. Here's my list of likely playable species: Humans, Rattataki, Togruta, Twi'leks, Kel'Dor, Chagrian, Nautolan, Mon Calamarian, and Rodian. Ithorians, Selonians, and Grans I'm not sure about. All 3 have avatars. Ithorians and Grans have appeared in screenshots / concept art. I'm expecting specifically that the Chiss, the Sith, Gormaks, and Voss not to be playable.

As for the comic, very nice addition. The red speech bubbles for the young man / boy make me think that the Emperor's spirit is talking through him either through essence transfer or some technique related to it. Exal Kressh, most likely a descendant of Ludo Kressh, was the Emperor's apprentice. Ludo Kressh, as far as we know, has only had a son named Kressh the Younger. I think the Emperor chose her for either being family or to keep one of his strongest rivals closest to him.

Good podcast! Just curious, have any of you played Dungeons and Dragons online? I've played a little bit, level 3 Paladin right now. I also started playing SC II beta. Not that great at it, but hit me up at if you want to play before beta ends.

Kalvod Ku'arad said...

That's a pretty good sounding speculation for the species. Since it's Star Wars i'm also expecting a nice array of species. The universe is just so vast and one of the things about STar Wars is it's plethora of uniqueness, whether that be the planets or the species to even entire cultures. I think that is what makes it so compelling and immerse.

Also yes, I've tried DDO, i think i have a level 5 or 6 rogue on one of the servers. It's not a bad game, interesting time to time, but hard for me to get into because i play actual tabletop star wars rpg & I dungeon master for a forgotten realms campaign.

Yea don't worrry about SC II, i'm pretty bad at it myself, but feel free to friend me on there as Kalvod.JavaJawa

Suzina said...

I played DDO a bit. Well, actually I should say I tried DDO for a couple levels. Surprisingly, 3 levels takes a while!

For me, DDO was too instanced. It was like there was an open-world town and that was cool, but anytime I saw combat I *knew* I was the only one in the dungeon/zone. I liked DDO's narration of the game as you went through dungeons and I really *loved* some of their puzzles. But it just didn't feel right to me. Too many instances, not enough world!

From what I've been reading, TOR won't have that same problem. The dutch article seems to indicate that everything up till' the boss will probably be open world, which I think is a pretty cool balance for leveling up areas. At end game, of course, I imagine content will rely a little more heavily on instancing and that's fine as long as it doesn't reach DDO levels where I basically never see people outside of town.

By the way, Sorry about my audio quality this week!

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