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Paul S. Kemp updated his blog recently with the following:

"I’m hoping to get approval in July to begin posting excerpts from Deceived, my Star Wars novel set in the The Old Republic. But in the meantime, I thought I’d post the Dramatis Personae for the novel. There are four core characters (these four are either point of view characters, or characters with a lot of screen time) and several important, but non-core characters."

The Core Characters
  • Darth Malgus, male human Sith lord.
  • Eleena Daru, female Twi-lek, a trained combatant and Malgus’s companion.
  • Aryn Leneer, female human Jedi Knight and Force Empath.
  • Zeerid Korr, male human smuggler, former Republic commando

The Non-Core characters

  • Master Ven Zallow, male human Jedi Master
  • Darth Angral, male human Sith Lord
  • Lord Adraas, male human Sith.

This is some quite exciting news and puts a few things into perspective, especially with the recent speculation about Vette.

Source: Paul S. Kemp Blog


Ajay said...

I found this earlier today, was happy to see that indeed Malgus' companion/lover is NOT Vette. That should stop a good bit of people from discussing that point in the forums lol. I believe it was intended for them to have similarities and really does suggest that Bioware has been planning out the game quite a bit in advance (or used the Deceived trailer as a basis).

Concerning novels, I'm reading through Omen and after that Millenium Falcon. Found both at the library!

Kalvod Ku'arad said...

MF is a good read, halfway through it and really am enjoying that one.

Suzina said...

Very interesting indeed! Good finds by all!

I'm especially interested in Eleena Daru. I know me and Kal have had our own discussions about whether Malgus' companion was really Vette or not, and how'd that work. Nice to see the similarity is merely in color, species, gender and former slave status.

I'm actually glad it's not Vette. It'd be too weird everyone having this one iconic companion from the deceived trailer now that I think about it.

Suzina said...

Looks like we have a name for the Bounty Hunter too, btw. It's Shae Vizla because the front page is selling a statue of her and they give the name there.

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