Shae Vizia, The bounty Hunter

Posted by Kalvod | Java Jawa On 6/9/10 3 comments

Well we have some surprising news today, Bioware in coordination with GentleGiant is coming out with a limited edition collectors statue of the bounty hunter we saw in the Deceived trailer. Her name is Shae Vizia and she appears to be quite intimidating.

Being an avid Star Wars collector myself, i can definitely attest to the quality of GentleGiant, they made great stuff, which is high quality. So if your a fan or just a collector thumbs up!

You can order yours through star wars shop, the retail price is $79.99, but there's a savings going on. Also theres a few more interesting things that have gone up for sale. Check it out if your interested. More info can be located here.


Suzina said...

I want this statue... but I can't justify the price. :(

Kalvod Ku'arad said...

Yea it looks great.

Fabian said...

I'm not really one for this kind of figurines, but I'd put this one on my desk :)

Looks like we'll see her again in the new trailer. Really curious about her backstory -- hope we get her biography on the TOR Holonet soon.

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