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Posted by Kalvod | Java Jawa On 6/23/10 5 comments

Paul S. Kemp recently updated his blog, posting a excerpt from jhis upcoming novel, "Deceived". THe following scene takes place from the first cinematic trailer. Enjoy the great read!

Malgus took one last look around, at the children and their parents playing, laughing, eating, everyone going about their lives, unaware that everything was about to change.

“Come,” he said to Eleena, and picked up his pace. His cloak swirled around him. So, too, his anger.

Moments later, he received another coded transmission, this one from the highjacked dropship.

Jump complete. On approach. Arrival in ninety seconds.

Ahead, he saw the four towers surrounding the stacked tiers of the Jedi Temple, its ancient stone as orange as fire in the light of the setting sun. The civilians seemed to give it a wide berth, as if it were a holy place, rather than a place of sacrilege.

He would reduce it to rubble.

He walked toward it and fate walked beside him.

Statues of long-dead Jedi Masters lined the approach to the Temple’s enormous doorway. The setting sun stretched the statue’s tenebrous forms across the duracrete. He walked through the shadows and past them, noting some names: Odan Urr, Ooroo, Arca Jeth.

Read the rest of the excerpt here. The novel is available for preorder on Amazon.


MrWarlock said...

Did you get your Beta invo this week ?

Ajay said...

Kalvod beat me to the update! :) I wonder where in the novel the events of the "Deceived" trailer will fall. I hope we get a glimpse into Malgus' early life as well.

As for the game testing invite, didn't get it!

Kalvod Ku'arad said...

Yea nothing here either yet.

Kalvod Ku'arad said...

From the looks of the excerpt we will see things probably before and after the treaty of coruscant.

Fabian said...

I think he has a bad writing style, I've not really enjoyed the excerpt.

And I haven't been invited to any testing. :(

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