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Here's the big 'ole E3 discussion! This combines quite a few topics we discussed throughout Tranmissions 38 & 39!

  1. What where your overall impressions on Sw:TOR during E3?
  2. What did you think of the starship announcement? Enjoy the scale, what would you like to see inside them and what purpose would you use them for outside what was already stated.
  3. War Zones, what is your favorite type of pvp system. The current design appears to be something between WoW & WAR. Did you enjoy those, what would you change or add?
  4. The Hope Cinematic Trailer. What was your favorite scene? What stood out to you and any jaw dropping moments?
  5. Quite a few of the classes have undergone mechanic changes, ie. Trooper. Do you like the direction the game is heading w/ the combat mechanics? Disappointed?
  6. What are you opinions on the voice overs. We've gotten a broad range of examples from the various videos that where shown throughout E3.
  7. Armor Progression - We've seen a sample of this with the Bounty Hunter. THere are many influences of the design elements that where chosen, including Mandalorian, Prequel Trilogy Republic, and even elements from the Class Trilogy. Are you enjoying the variation of styles and references back to the Saga?
  8. If there was one thing you could add to all the E3 announcements what would what be?
  9. How do you feel about species being restricted to classes, should it be so or should it be open?
  10. What is your current favorite class? Has this changed since the last E3?
You can also participate in the on going discussion on our forums.

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