Leaked Play Guide?

Posted by Kalvod | Java Jawa On 6/1/10 3 comments

Some interesting news surfaced today, however keep in mind it's completely unproven. Whether this is true or is a hoax that remains to be seen. Yet it certainly gives u something to ponder about.

So far everything seems pretty standard. It's all the things we've gotten used to in many mmorpgs out there. Enjoy the screen shots and let the speculating begin . . .

Source: mmorpg.com


micky71 said...

The origin on this was from a new TOR fan site, which was posted in SWTOR forums. And soon after taken down, forum post that is.
I'm highly speculative about this from a new site which ended up with a lot of hits after it :)

IMO this was a hoax to drum up traffic and nothing on he page jumps out at pacific to TOR and could be taken from any forum on any game.
I also think the site has gone too, this is a clear indication the info (if you can call it that) is nothing but a fabrication.

It seems funny after all the fan site a new site would come up with such info before some of the well trusted site's around on its 1st day of opening.

Kalvod Ku'arad said...

Yea thats what i was thinking. Especially if you look at the date of the post. It was from last year, its about 7 months old. So why would it all of a suddenly surface now if it ws legit. But yea i agree, it's mostly likely a hoax to increase traffic.

People pull these sort of stunts all the time sadly.

Fabian said...

If it was real, it'd obviously be an internal guide for alpha testing/QA. I cannot believe that it is, though. It's retardedly written, some of the notes don't even make sense from what we know about the game. Also, I'll be damned if that is an actual screenshot. That is not a web font.
Fake, fake, fake.

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