Spynet - Blood of the Empire Issue 4

Posted by Kalvod | Java Jawa On 6/4/10 6 comments

According to Sean Dahlberg, tomorrow (Friday) we will be seeing the next issue of Blood of the Empire. Here is what he has to say:

"Hey everyone, we're quickly approaching E3 Expo 2010! In fact, we have just about a week and a half until we're there! We have some great things we'll be sharing with you throughout the week and the team is working to make sure that everyone has a great experience (those who are attending E3 and those who will be following us here from the web that couldn't be there).

This week's update, though, will Blood of the Empire #4 which we will be publishing at our normal time tomorrow morning.

Just wanted to give all of you a head's up."

So by the looks of things we will be seeing slow updates till E3, but it's right around the corner!

Source: Sean Dahlberg


micky71 said...

Nothing surprising about updates before E3, lets hope that the updates after it tho are not as bad as the last 1.

Kalvod Ku'arad said...

Yea it's the quiet before the storm, pretty typical stuff before the big conventions. Let's hope we get some awesome new stuff.

Fabian said...

Hm, a Miraluka in the new comic. I'm thinking this could be a playable species (and so easy for them to do. Take human, remove eyes... voilĂ .
Looking good that I might be able to recreate my D20 pen & paper character :) (although he was living in a completely different time era, hehe)

Kalvod Ku'arad said...

Miraluka's are awesome! Loved the one in KOTOR2 & the KOTOR comics!!

Kalvod Ku'arad said...

Good comic, just finished it, lots fo talk about with it!

Ajay said...

My observations:
- Teneb Kel shows some light-side tendencies by letting Maggot indulge himself with the Hutt's servants/slaves and feeding the rats his left-overs
- Grace of Champalan corvette, Champala is the homeworld of the Chagrians
- Corvette located close to Sullust, a rather important world in terms of ship construction
- Jedi Master has his eyes covered, could be a Miraluka
- Jedi Master has a padawan that accompanies him, possible reiteration of companion
- SIS middleman? Sienar Intelligence Systems (SIS) perhaps or something like the Senate Intelligence ?
- Lenico system appearance, possibly hinting at system exploration instead of just isolated explorable planets
- Teneb is able to mess with droid programming/circuitry... hinting at perhaps droid-specific skills for the SI. Reminded me of the droid set of force powers from KOTOR I/II.
- Lot of aliens at Ybann the Hutt's place... Rodians, Twi'leks, Bith, Cathar, Nikto, Chagrians, and others too.
- Teneb eats some food after his fight, possibly method for faster regeneration and recovery.
- Adovzse chef looks sad :(
- Teneb uses Mind Trick on the medical guard.
- Droid at end could be a companion for Exal or simply a medical droid.

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