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This show is about wrapping up all the tidbits we learned from E3

Topics discussed (in about this order)
--- Comic Relief: Blood of the Empire #5 discussed
--- Race/class limitations
--- Each of the classes and their group roles discussed:
--- Permanent advance class selection at level 10.
--- Group size being only 4, the debate rages on
--- Companions and how they are now mandatory for all PVE and PVP
--- More discussion of "war zones"
--- Crafting, is SWG style or WOW style better?
--- More discussion about Starships
--- Ship customization is now unconfirmed again.
--- 95% of the game is open-world. Worlds are HUGE.
--- The three new videos we got this week:
------Sith Inquisitor and Sith Warrior meet Darth Porkins
------Twi'lek trooper and smuggler kill rodian
------British Imperial agent and bounty hunter meet heavy-set red-neck
--- Speculation Station:
-------What are "uniforms"?
-------Pre-launch character creator?

Duration - 3 hours


Fabian said...

Still in the middle of listening to the new episode. Just wanted to say I'm totally with Suzina on the group size of 4 issue. I love the 3-man instances in LOTRO for the same reasons (faster to find a group, more challenging, feels more heroic), so I'm digging the group size of 4. Curious to see how it works out with the companions, though.

strangebud said...

for the group size problems i think that the instances should just adapt the difficulty to how many people for example if there is 3 people the instance would be significantly easier then if you had 8 people and you would get more exp from the monsters when you have more people because you probably share exp in this game

strangebud said...

for the pvp i really hope that guilds would be able to take over planets and upgrade them and buy more stuff to make your planet look alot better but i would think that quests might interfere. because i wouldnt see the point of a guild having money other then a guild tab and guilds would be useless if they cant take over atleast a base and guard it

strangebud said...

i really dont like the force choke skill because what if you are doing a one versus one pvp and one guy just force chokes and then both players are just sitting there until the cooldown hits. i dont see how it really takes skill

Kalvod Ku'arad said...

I agree that it would be nice if there was some kind of instance scaling depending on the group size, that would make me happy!

As for the pvp, i'm sure there will be some kind of diminishing returns or resist factor that we don't know about yet. I think it has to be for balance purposes. It will be curious though to see what powers affect the diminishing returns.

Suzina said...

Instance scaling really is the Holy Grail, but it's tough to get right. Lotro did a pretty good job scaling all their skirmishes... but even there I think things are some rough spots. The fastest way to get skirmish marks when I left was to solo the same skirmish over and over.

The bonus for doing it with 3 (even after I left) was too small to make up for all the extra time you spend killing tougher mobs and forming the group. They tried to fix it in V3B1, but their "fix" was too small and soloing remained the fastest way to gain skirmish-marks. It's too bad too, because the few times that I tried 3 or 6 man skirmishes, it was challenging and the bosses were WAY more interesting.

strangebud said...

Any heard anything about different factions taking over different planets or buildings or atleast guilds taking them over

strangebud said...

it would be cool if guilds can fight other guilds for planets or buildings and guilds can make money by like crafting and selling stuff and then upgrade there forts so they can defend alot easier

Suzina said...


Nothing about planet control talked about yet. All they have said is:
1. TOR will have PVP
2. Warzones will be team-based PVP, like the one on Alderaan.
3. There will be other kinds of PVP. Hints at open-world PVP, and similarities to WOW or WAR.

But we don't know anything about "realm vs realm" or planet contorl. Nothing has been said.

strangebud said...

okay thank you

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