Transmission 040

Posted by Suzina On 6/27/10 6 comments

Transmission 040 is in the feed!

You can find it on iTunes, or you can direct download it from the toolbar to the right.

This show we have two issues of Blood of the Empire

Topics discussed (in about this order)
---- NEWS
--- Celebration V news
--- Beta Rumors
--- Blur to create third TOR cinematic trailer
----- COMIC
--- Blood of the Empire Issue 6 (Act 2, part 2)
--- Blood of the Empire Issue 7 leaked, (Act 2, part 3) lasts for 25 minutes
--- If you don't have the leaked version, see here.
--- Does the companion system make it a "flexible trinity"?
--- Hidden companions hinted at in interview
--- Different class ships
--- Is ToR a triple AAA MMO?
--- Darth Malgus's role for both factions
--- Apprentice system, wouldn't it be cool?
--- XP gain, faster to quest or faster to grind in E3 build?
--- WoW crafting = Lame?
--- Lore segments?
--- Player's affect the war?
--- Central hang out points = cantina?
--- Guild war PVP?
----- Random Thought:
---In game voice advertisements
Duration - Over 2 hours


Fabian said...

I hope you were not talking about my translation when you said you read a bad one! :P

Kalvod Ku'arad said...

No they were all fine, towards the end of my show notes i didn't reword some into question formats. :)

strangebud said...

you guys think that there will be like guild tabards to define what guild your in other then looking at there name

Suzina said...

@Fabian hehe, no! I actually got my hands on the German version first, then used an online translator to translate the words one-by-one. It didn't turn out so great, hehe. Not sure how I missed where you linked the comic, but somehow I did.

Kalvod Ku'arad said...

strangebud - No i don't think we will be seeing any sort of guild tabards. This doesn't fit in with Star Wars.

Fabian said...

@Suzina: I posted it on your forums :)

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