Red Harvest

Posted by Kalvod | Java Jawa On 6/29/10 3 comments

Joe Schreiber, author of Death Troopers reveals his next Star Wars horror novel, which is to be set in The Old Republic Era.

A short summary from Random House:

Strange things are happening in a Sith academy, where the Dark Lord in charge has barricaded himself away, unexplained violence is on the rise, and the apprentices are growing more and more frightened. When a mercenary arrives with a delivery for the Sith Lord -- and a hostage Jedi in tow -- the situation reaches a boiling point. Only a Jedi Master, looking for the missing Jedi, can hope to get her -- and himself -- out alive.

Death Troopers was a great book, the setting was a mixture of horror & sci-fi. The book portrayed a sense of urgency, dread, and brought into light a new set of characters along side some old ones in a very non intrusive way into the Star Wars world. I highly recommend it even if your not a fan of horror. It's a very enjoyable fast read. With that in mind i am more than confident this will be a huge success for Schreiber.

The book is set to release 1/25/2011 and is set to be approx. 250 pages. More Info can be found here.


Suzina said...

I didn't read Death Troopers, but I'll probably read this one, if only because it's in the old republic era.

Ajay said...

Death Troopers is at the library over here, so I will be picking it up rather soon. Nice to see a larger variety of Star Wars books besides the "main" EU storyline.

Kalvod Ku'arad said...

It's a fun read and best of all you don't really have to be familiar w/ the EU. It's a very stand alone novel.

Death Troopers is set in the Rebellion Era, the upcoming Red Harvest is to be set in the Old Republic Era.

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