Nar Shaddaa - City of Secrets

Posted by Kalvod | Java Jawa On 7/30/10 1 comments

What a great update we received today. . . Nar Shaddaa. This city has been very iconic to the Old Republic era. Many adventures and tales have been told here. The city known to be corrupt and exotic at the same time.

Today we receive word that the Exchange is still alive! While this may not be a great player in Galactic affairs, it does have a significant impact as this is one of the largest rivals to the Hutt Cartel. The Hutt Cartel has access to many hyperspace lanes, so having a competitor creates an entire new twists of stories.

Whether it's freeing slaves to the crime bosses, enjoying the pleasures of the reknowned cantina's or maybe even dealing a hand at pazaak. This city is sure to be a highlight in the universe and ripe for much fun and intrigue!

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Fabian said...

Really glad to hear this one is in. Looks great :)

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