Transmission 45 - Nar Shaddaa

Posted by Suzina On 8/1/10 9 comments

Transmission 045 is in the feed!
You can find it on iTunes, or you can direct download it from the toolbar to the right. This week we talk about Nar Shaddaa!

Nar Shaddaa

Topics discussed

---- NEWS
--- Dragon Age 2 updates
--- Celebrations V news
--- Leave a voicemail at 614-HOLONET and you may get a free CV ticket!
--- Starcraft 2 and Star Tours
--- Blood of the Empire 8
--- Nar Shaddaa, overall impressions
--- Las Vegas compared to Nar Shaddaa
--- Crime bosses
--- Rampant speculation about Hylo Visz
--- Cantinas are everywhere
--- Gambling
--- Spice/drugs
--- Artoodetoo - Juhani = Cathar! Also, space war-zones?
--- Silahand - Space/ground raid?
--- SW:TOR - Roleplayer's Wiki offers a different way for hardcore roleplayers to write up their character/guild story for all to see.
Duration - About 2 hours


strangebud said...

guys and girls do you think that there will be achievements kinda things because we are seeing achievements going into allmost every game giving more intense gamers a reason to keep playing but this is a mmorpg and it is not necessary but wow had it

Fabian said...

Appropriating Godwin's law, it can be stated that "As an online discussion of SW:TOR grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving WoW approaches 1."


1. I don't want to speak for anyone else, but I'd appreciate it if you tried to use punctuation and proper capitalization. Makes things so much easier to read and understand.

2. Yes, I do think TOR will have achievements. And I think they're a good way of keeping people occupied, as long as the rewards are mostly cosmetic (e.g. actual cosmetic items, titles, stuff like that) and not character enhancing (bonuses to stats, etc.).

Fabian said...

As for upcoming planets, Corellia is quasi-confirmed due to the Gamespot video about the music of SWTOR. See

I agree that 24 planets seems a little much, 18 to 20 sounds much more realistic.

Fabian said...

Also, it's Silathand, not Silahand :)

Suzina said...

@Fabian, Woah, I hadn't even seen that video! I had assumed it was just a reposing of the music update.

Kalvod Ku'arad said...

I would agree that achievements are very likely to be in. It's pretty common know for games and more to have that. Heck for example look at 4sq on twitter, you literally get achievements for traveling to different places. It's an easy method of recognition for doing a certain task.

Also for the coalitionists it's another way to keep them entertained, essentially a mini game in itself. I know a few times i was sucked into doing them in some 360 games.

Ajay said...

Took me a while to listen to the podcast, but a good one! Nar Shaddaa being in is very exciting. There's a lot of potential for the Smuggler's Moon in terms of story and general atmosphere it presents. Having seen it in KOTOR 2, we will most likely see some tie-ins there (Exchange at least). Some of the planet description and image captions emphasized it being a place where you can buy just about anything, so I feel it will become one of the hot-spots for commerce (auctioning, trading, etc. sort of like the Bazaar terminal areas in SWG). As for Hylo, I have a feeling she will pop up. Being a smuggler, she knows how to go "underground" for a bit and then pop up when things are safer.

Regarding my comment, thanks for featuring it! I didn't want to speculate too much on how space combat would be implemented (Simulator-style, RPG-style, on-rails shooter) since there is really nothing to go on at this moment. We should know a lot more by mid-August!

Took a look at your SWCV give-away, rather awesome! For me, the time is not the best with classes starting around then. I'm headed back to campus around that time. For whoever is the lucky winner, you will be going to one of the best SW Celebrations / gatherings ever!

On an unrelated note, LOTRO F2P Beta NDA has been lifted! I've been playing it for a while now, and the amount of quality content available to free players is pretty decent. There are a few perks to subscribing a little bit (or purchasing expansions) and then downgrading to the free version. Won't go into details yet, but you can essentially lay down a few dollars up front to take care of the f2p limitations currently in the beta build. I may post a few screenies soon!

Fabian said...

@Ajay: Cool thing about you being in the F2P beta. I've been playing LOTRO quite extensively on [EU]Laurelin. I'm looking forward to the fall update, will be interesting to see how everything pans out with the shift to F2P.

Kalvod Ku'arad said...

Yea the entire commerce of Nar Shaddaa fascinates me quite a bit. Oh the underworld, the criminal syndicates, spice, cantinas, and gambling is just too sweet. The whole city has that great feeling of Lando & Han.

Yea i'll pop into LOTRO once it goes F2P, will be nice to see some old guildies.

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