Sean Williams Interview

Posted by Kalvod | Java Jawa On 7/12/10 4 comments

This week we sit down with author, Sean Williams, writer of The Force Unleashed, Fatal Alliance and much more. We have a great time talking about what we love most . . . Star Wars..

Topics Discussed:

  • Continuity
  • Moral Perspectives
  • Alignments of Fictional Characters
  • Humanity
  • Certain Points of View
  • The Old Republic
  • Rebellion
  • Dark Times
  • Much, Much More
Make sure to listen tot his great transmission as we get an inside look at the writing world of Star Wars. His latest book = Fatal Alliance is due out July 20, 2010.


Ajay said...

Whoa! That's awesome! I will save this for tomorrow ;)

MrWarlock said...

Nice catch, i'll pop this on my phone and try to listen at work lol.

Fabian said...

Time for a "out of curiosity" drinking game :P

Kalvod Ku'arad said...

Yea i know i said that an awful lot, but hey i was quite curious! :) Cheers!

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