Transmission 42

Posted by Suzina On 7/11/10 3 comments

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Short show this week because the Friday update only confirmed something we already knew. This show we discuss the main elements of an RPG

Topics discussed

---- NEWS
--- Dragon Age 2 announced
--- More celebs confirmed for Celebration V
--- Threat of Peace vol. 1 is out in paperback form.
--- Leaked Blood of the Empire #8 (we do not discuss it, but you can read if you like)
--- Daniel Erickson Interview
--- What makes a game an RPG? What makes a good RPG?
--- Western RPGs vs Japanese RPGs
--- Player Bounties: How Suzina would implement them
--- NPC dropped a "ruined wookie disguise" Our thoughts?
--- Not mentioned on the show, but a new site this week formed known as TOR Syndicate. The Purpose of it is to allow sites with a smaller staff to add articles they can publish. In short it lets them borrow writers if they so wish.
Duration - An hour and a half.


MrWarlock said...

I really picked a bad time starting my blow about TOR just after E3. With no new info from before E3, thankfully we have podcasts, and we are truly grateful.

Suzina said...

Yeah. The good news at convention season is that all kinds of little tid-bits come out when people play it on the E3 floor. Bad news... they give us lame updates like this for weeks to come. :/

Kalvod Ku'arad said...

Glad your enjoying the show and we are grateful to have listeners! :)

Yes as Suzina stated around the summer time with the convention circuit at full charge information is a bit slow during the off weeks as the industry try's to spectate their audience at them. Although having said that there's a lot of interviews / panels that come up that have wonderful points. A lot of them may not be with core material from within a virtual world, but more set aside from a creative point of view or delve into the developmental process.

It offers a unique look at the industry from their own view. In turn we can get a brief glimpse on what kind of things they have in mind for us!

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