Transmission 41

Posted by Suzina On 7/3/10 5 comments

Transmission 041 is in the feed!

You can find it on iTunes, or you can direct download it from the toolbar to the right.

This show we discuss the multi-player video.

Topics discussed (in about this order)

---- NEWS
--- New hand-held laser weapon looks like lightsaber. Article here.
--- Celebration V news
--- Threat of Peace paperback releases next week.
--- First SWTOR book, Fatal Alliance, releases on July 20th
--- Red Harvest to release January 25th, 2011
--- TOR at Comic Con
--- TOR confirmed for Star Wars Celebration V
--- E3 Multiplayer demo discussed again.
--- Do healers just heal or do they do more?
--- Does TOR look like it takes place in the wrong timeline?
--- Custom user interface speculation
--- Free to play payment models
--- Will there be guild tabards?
--- Will crafting be a series of minigames?
--- Thanks for the reviews on Itunes!
--- Fansite spotlight: The Angry Droid fan fiction site.
Duration - Almost 2 hours


Fabian said...

Re: Consular healing game-play, I agree with Suzina that it looked pretty boring at this point, but at level 8 I wouldn't expect a display of 8 different healing skills. I'm sure it'll get much more interesting at higher levels, especially when you also get to do more force-based crowd control.

I've been following a couple of other MMOs that are in development right now, and TERA (The Exiled Realm of Arborea) looks like it's gonna be interesting from a healer's perspective. The game's combat does not have targeting, so you need to actually aim your avatar at whatever you want to hit, and the same goes for the healer. The healer needs to aim at his group mates and put down area-restricted AoE heals, so being aware positioning and movement during each fight is crucial. Sounds quite fun!

Kalvod Ku'arad said...

That's an interesting approach to healing, having a micro fps based or positional aspect to healing. I like it when developers think outside the box it definitely makes more fun, immersive game play.

Suzina said...

AOE healing is pretty satisfying. In swg, the 22 meters for group heals is your bread and butter, and a lot of tactics go into spreading your group out enough to avoid AOEs from the enemy while maximizing healing AOEs from the medics.

strangebud said...

i kinda like how they are bringing some things back from the original triligys because thats what makes star-wars star-wars because not every star wars fan is all interested in the past of star wars and this game is kinda forcing it on them and i think bioware wants this game to attract every star wars kinda fan out there not just the ones that read about the history before the triligys

Kalvod Ku'arad said...

Strange: It surely feels that way. I was just personally stating an issue i had just because the expectation they set that if this set piece is in a period approx. 300 or so years after the original Knights of the Old Republic, i'd really like to see some references and assets used from that for there to be a more linear progression of time.

Time itself in Star Wars is set into a few very specific era's that each have their own unique 'flavor' I just want them to draw upon the era that is most related, hence this would be going back to KOTOR.

Having said that it doesn't deter me away from what they are creating and i agree that by drawing upon the classic elements of the Star War Saga they are catering it to a larger, broader fan base & allowing the roots to take hold of a larger community base that may not be familiar with the Expanded Universe.

It's all about personal preference. It just to be seems out of place, but that's just me. I can't really see replica's of TIE fighters, X-Wing's, Clone Troopers, Storm Troopers existing ~ 3036 years in the past.

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