Minicast 006 - The Empire Strikes Back Commentary

Posted by Kalvod | Java Jawa On 8/19/10 0 comments

30 years . . . that's how long it's been since The Empire Strikes Back came out. It has become quite a movie and many deem it to be one of their favorites among the Star Wars Saga. So we decided what better way to celebrate and show our appreciation for this wonderful film than to express our thoughts and opinions on it as we watch it!

So feeling like your up to re watching this classic? Ready to see one of the few movies where the bad guys win? Than sit back, grab a death stick . . . or some jawa juice whatever suites your fancy and enjoy the ride!

For this show to work properly make sure you que up your movie and the sound file to where we list in in the show. We give explicit directions on how to do this. Also we are using the 2004 dvd release of Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back.

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