Transmission 48

Posted by Suzina On 8/22/10 4 comments

Transmission 048 is in the feed!
You can find it on iTunes, or you can direct download it from the toolbar to the right. This week we talk about the advanced classes.

Wizards in Space!

Topics discussed

-- TOR's week of news
-- Gamescom
----Ray Muzyka interview
----Zabrak troopers
-- Companion "AI" Kits
-- Starships on the Holonet
-- New Space Trailer
-- Ground xp for space?
-- Ship customization rewards
-- Advanced classes
----- Commando / Vanguard
----- Scoundrel / Gunslinger
----- Sentinel / Guardian
----- Shadow / Wizard
----- Operative / Sniper
----- Powertech / Mercenary
----- Juggernaut / Marauder
----- Sorcerer / Assassin
-- Shuttle bind to any point?
-- Is TOR Talk an apprentice podcast that hopes to strike us down?
-- Seriously, we really just talk about stuff after the community spotlight for like 45 minutes.

Duration - Almost 4 hours!


JonathanRowley said...

Most amazing episode,It is great to see a nice long podcast. I like the Glactic Holofeed for how in-depth you guys go to flush out the details of the latest news. Also its very insightful into you as hosts.

Mark said...


thanks for more :)

now, kalvod, turn your inbound mic down, you're hot brotha.

Kalvod Ku'arad said...

Thanks for the kind words Johnathan. Glad your enjoying the transmissions!

I appreciate the heads up Mark, I'll adjust it for future shows.

Ajay said...

Hey guys, been a bit behind on TOR podcasts! Great podcast, was rather entertaining seeing how you guys stretched out that last 45 mins on the cast.

As for the ACs, I agree, Wizard just sounds silly and makes me think of Gandalf or Merlin, not a Jedi. Powertech is up there, but not as bad as Wizard. The term wizard has a very limited meaning in the Star Wars galaxy. The vague mention of it by Owen Lars, to me, doesn't justify it being an appropriate name for an Advanced Class. As for Powertech, Gadgeteer (sp?) would be a better fit or perhaps Technician? I'm fine with the Sorcerer AC and does have references in the EU.

Regarding the concept art in the Fan Friday, that was really interesting. Clearly, the middle figure looks a lot like HK-47 (the same posture/stance and definitely droid like appearance). The area itself reminds me of a prison, like the one on Belsavis. The statues are of Rakatans, which did indeed have their "secret prison" on Belsavis. I think the fact that Rakatans and HK-47 are involved could imply some connection to Revan. Now, that would be awesome! That area looks rather special and if it is a prison, would hold a very special prisoner!

As for the space combat info we are getting, I'm rather pleased with it. Hoping to see an actual gameplay demonstration of the system in action, maybe at PAX!

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