Transmission 49

Posted by Kalvod | Java Jawa On 8/29/10 7 comments

Transmission 049 is in the feed!

You can find it on iTunes, or you can direct download it from the toolbar to the right. This week we talk about the advanced classes.

Just as a warning this is an extremely long show, this week is particular crunchy on the details. In fact we delve deep into mechanics and in what direction the developers are taking the classes. So we hope you enjoy the show and most importantly make sure to take frequent breaks!

Topics Discussed:

--Continuing GamesCom Coverage
--------- COMIC
-- Blood of the Empire Issue 10
-- Maggot a possible Sith aligned companion?
-- What becomes of Teneb Kel?
-- Class Abilities
----- Trooper
----- Smuggler
----- Bounty Hunter
----- Sith Inquisitor
----- Sith Warrior
----- Imperial Agent
-- Interface / Character Information
----- Character Panel
----- Equipment
----- World / Zone Map
----- Attributes
----- Alignment Meter
-- Durability hit for equipment upon death?
-- swtor-station

Duration - Almost 4h 47m


Fabian said...

What a long show. I'm about halfway through at the moment, and you're talking about the Trooper abilities.

I gotta jump in here and tell you: do your research! It bugs me when people go into speculation about things that are already known :)

The Trooper has a max ammo count of 12, which will stay constant throughout leveling. Thus, Fast reload reloads half your ammo.
(See excellent threads like

Also, the game was in its English build at Gamescom, so the English ability descriptions on SWTOR Station are transcriptions of the ones in the current build, not translations. But I'm sure there's the occasional transcription error (such as the 200 ammo cost).

Kalvod Ku'arad said...

Thanks for the info Fabian. We aren't perfect w/ the info, altho we try to be as accurate as possible. Good to know the ammo max is 12. Also yes there's a lot lost in translation. The majority of what was released through other media sources was all in German, only a few covered the event in English.

Yet still lots of fantastic news out there. I'm happy to learn about how the developers are approaching the classes.

Ajay said...

Wow, that was one long show! I had to fast forward through some of the skill discussion :(
I'm okay with 3 hour podcasts, but after that time, it's hard for me to continue listening. I know you guys love talking about TOR, like all of us who are following it at this point, but keeping the shows a little shorter would make them a little less daunting to listen to!

I like the mention of lightsaber forms in-game. These sound just like stances you find in LOTRO various classes, like my favorite, the Champion. You essentially activate them and they provide passive bonuses with a theme. You could say that TOR is following in the footsteps of what KOTOR II did with the lightsaber forms, although making their effect more clear in TOR.

Since I love speculation, I will also chime in on the speculation topic. Equipment durability loss and minor debuff for a brief period of time seem like appropriate penalties for death. LOTRO does this and seems to me to work very well.

As you can tell, I'm rather excited about the LOTRO F2P launch as mentioned in a previous podcast discussion! I will probably be rolling my main on one of the new servers and also create alts on other servers as well.

Good podcast, but I hope you guys make an effort to keeping the podcasts a tad bit shorter!

Kalvod Ku'arad said...

Hahaha, yea don't worry, i don't think we are ever going to go this long again and if we don't you guys won't know about it since I'll split it up into multiple shows :)

Mark said...

Kal, don't listen to them, my only question from this podcast was, "why not a full five hours?"

I can't handle the DH podcast for more than fifteen minutes, but i could listen to you two indefinitely.

Kalvod Ku'arad said...

Thanks Mark, altho i do wish i would have split it up into two parts looking at it retrospectively, it would at least have been easier to listen to :)

Thanks for the kind works!! Well . . . we were very close to 5 hours! I'm sure we could have talked more, but we were getting pretty tired! I think we finished up at 3:30 am! That's some dedication from two Star Wars fans! haha . . .

strangebud said...

black lightsabers are a bad idea cuz you might as well have a white lightsaber and would just be stupid. kids see lightsabers as colourful swords and black isnt really a colour. i think that sith should use red and purple and jedi use blue and green and there would be other colours but they would be neutral from maybe some rare instances or something

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