Aurabesh Cryptography

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The fine folks at Massively have been doing a bit of digging and have come up with something quite interesting.

Larry, The Old Republic columnist has been working on a project for a bit now, it appears his work has finally paid off as he has collecting a large amount of the Aurabesh located throughout Bioware's site and excavated a few interesting phrases which leads to some fun speculating.

The latest speculation leads to the mention of the following words:

Dead or Alive

Bendix fust

Ona rissuk
raim Blastwell
panza dacko
Regg Pixola

Could this perhaps yield to bounty hunting terminals? Maybe player bounties or possibly a portion of the bounty hunter class quest.

However if you want to read more and check out the Aurabesh entries, translations and other content check out their site and let us know what you think or what your speculation leads to.

Source: Massively

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